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Are you looking for a dynamic, loquacious, and quirky writer, speaker, or sign-spinner? An artist for your personal home decor needs or large-scale corporate office makeover?  Perhaps you’re searching for an expert source on business-minded millennials, creative problem-solving, or successfully navigating mental health with bipolar disorder?  Well, look no further than this expert on “doing life”!

My name’s Jessie and I’m a freelance writer, blogger, speaker, and all-around Jane of All Trades.  I’m equally comfortable at the helm of a keyboard or in front of an audience and there’s no topic too big or too small.  With a degree in psychology, experience in the world of business, penchant for entrepreneurial endeavors, and desire to motivate others by empowering them with knowledge and confidence, I’m best with the following range of topics (though I can certainly meet a challenge, just let me know your ideas and we’ll talk!):

Successfully Managing Mental Health
Teenage Mental Health, including Suicide
The Health of Happiness
Millennials in the Workplace
The Generations in the Workplace
How to Approach Problems Creatively
Facilitating DISC Personality Assessment
DISC Personality Types
Female Leadership
Female Empowerment
Goal Setting
Finding Your Passion and Making it a Business

For speaking engagements I provide my own Powerpoint presentation and require access to audio-visual equipment onsite.  I’m local to the Tampa Bay area (that’s Florida, for those of you who don’t get to wear flipflops year-round) but do love to travel.

Interested in learning more?  Email me at jessiedoeslife at g mail dot com and I would be glad to discuss the nitty gritty with you!


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