Hello, potential new friend!  My name’s Jessie, welcome to my space on the internets.

I’m another one of those millennials (an older one admittedly) who grew up being told that I was a special snowflake and could do whatever I set my mind to.  Well here I am, world, doing what I set my mind to!

I’m a lot of different things. . .
a hard-working office administrator with a five year plan to escape into entrepreneurship
a serial crafty entrepreneur
a feminist who believes that anyone who wants equality is by definition, a feminist
an eternal optimist who can find the bright side of an eclipse
a college graduate who chose their major based on interest and not on career potential (psychology major with sociology and women’s studies minors)
a former roller derby skater/ref/NSO/announcer/newby trainer
a novice bicycle enthusiast
a tester of boundaries and exceeder of expectations
an INFJ if you like the Myers-Briggs or high I if you dig the DISC
equal parts talker and listener
and pretty much the best advice-giver you will ever meet.

jessie does life is all about sharing my adventures (ok, mostly misadventures) and what I’ve (hopefully) learned from them. No one is perfect and I feel like so often the perfect portrait of ourselves is all anyone sees. This here is my behind-the-curtains opportunity to express the truth that sometimes, life’s a mess and you’re not alone in that struggle. My catharses, and then self-realizations that I can act on, come best to me at the tips of my fingers when I put them to my keyboard so I’m learning to embrace this (this and an actual real-life therapist).

If you’re so inclined to join me on these misadventures, welcome! I hope you’ll feel like this is a safe space for you because I’ll be sharing a lot of failures – so I’m considering it MY safe space!

Also, this is my recently adopted three-year-old Siberian kitty, Ellie.  Ellie is what her previous pet parents called her, but I’ve re-dubbed her Lady Elizabeth Fluffface Von Buttonnose.  She’s pretty much the cutest cat I’ve ever had (she’s also the only cat I’ve been a parent to, so there’s that).  We’re bess frens.

2016-06-26 23.31.02


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