How to Pinpoint Your Personal Brand with Your Coat of Arms – Free Guide!! (and Email Challenge Announcement!)

Hello, friend!

I have to brand MYSELF?

When it came to creating my “brand” even just the word made my skin crawl. Like, how the eff do I SELL something that is. . . MYSELF? I don’t want to SELL myself! So why do I have to BRAND myself?? The concept was foreign and seemed icky and I didn’t like it.

Your Brand is Simply Your Voice

Once I calmed down and started realizing that all I was doing was narrowing the focus of who I am and who I want to reach, I realized that this branding thing isn’t so slimy after all. It can actually be fun! I created a lil guide on how to pinpoint your personal brand by going medieval (do you nerd out over ren fests as much as I do???) and crafting your very own COAT OF ARMS!!!

Check out my video to learn how!


Your Personal Brand can be easily pinpointed. . . the MEDIEVAL WAY!!


Cheers to creating,

Jessie Britely 💖🔮🐈

PS – I’ve got a super fun Email Challenge that’s launching THIS SUNDAY! June 16th!! If you’re looking at your calendar and exclaiming “SHIT! It’s already June and I haven’t made much progress on my 2019 goals!” don’t worry, friend, I’ve got you! The BRITE Reset Email Challenge will be 7 days of fun and functional tips, tricks, and tools to get you BACK ON TRACK to close 2019 with a BANG! Find all the deets here, The BRITE Reset Challenge!

The BRITE Reset Email Challenge

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