Uncovering Your True Calling by Healing Your Inner Child


From January of this year until now I have transformed by leaps and bounds. After 9 years on a damn hamster wheel of entrepreneurial non-launches, it only took a few months of focusing on inner child work to bust through some MAJOR BLOCKS that were keeping me stuck in endless rut-loops.

I now have what I believe is my TRUE calling. And I could not be MORE EXCITED. Even better yet? It’s FINALLY been the fuel that has led me to consistent productivity, day after day (I mean, some days are off, but overall. . .) to get my gift out to the world so that I just might make one sparkly dent in it.

What is Inner Child Work? And how can you start to travel down the same path of uncovering your TRUE calling by pursuing it? Check out the video below! And! Definitely don’t miss out on my PS’s! I’ll be launching something SUPER DUPER EXCITING THIS MONTH AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH Y’ALL!!! People on my email list are getting first dibs on early access!!!! OMG, legit. . . SO EXCITED.

Anyway, I hope you find this recent video helpful!


Cheers to creating,
Jessie Britely 💖🔮🐈


PS – I drop knowledge like this every week in my AbsoBritely Bulletin, feel free to sign up HERE!

PPS – Have YOU ever done Inner Child Work? What was the most rewarding part?


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