How to Handle a Depressive State Mid-Hustle (at least what’s worked for me)

Y’all know me by now

I know I’ve spoken AT LENGTH about depression here on this lil behind-the-scenes blog but today we experience something new! You actually HEARING and SEEING me speak about it!!! I recently started doing Facebook Lives over on my Jessie Britely FB page and this was a post I felt compelled to make as I found myself super stoked and hustling in April, then hit SMACK IN THE FACE with a depressive episode in May.


What worked in the past no longer serves me (I got served?)

Usually, my depressive episodes would last a few months. But this year I have BIG PLANS to launch something to support my fellow offbeat creatives so I got really intentional with how the fuck to deal with this shit. It was not easy. It was not pretty. It was not a smooth process. In fact, it’s still ongoing. But I honor my emotions and acknowledge that my hustle (not my fave word) must be balanced with my mental health. And ya know what? That just makes me (and YOU if you’re a fellow mental health hustler) like, way more bad ass for any accomplishment I knock off my list.


Anyway, without further ado, I present to you. . .


6 Tips to Help Handle a Depressive State when it Hits Mid-Hustle


Cheers to creating,

Jessie Britely 💖🔮🐈

PS – You can check out my Facebook page here:

PPS – I’d love to know if YOU have any other helpful ways to handle depressive states that I missed! What works best for you??


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