🤷🏾‍♀️ What’s Blocking You From BIG 🎯Success? 🤬


What’s blocking you from BIG SUCCESS

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “What if’s”, the distractions, the excuses, and the day-to-day minutiae that can take our eyes off the prize that we call entrepreneurial success. The thing is, alla that stuff is just bull shit that we can (and with the help of this post, WILL) remove from our path to pursuing our passions. You’ve got what it takes, now it’s just a matter of REMEMBERING that and defending yourself from these common blocks.


Done is better than perfect. C’s earn degrees. Perfectionism killed the cat. Wait, no, scratch that last one. The other two are true though. When thinking about launching what you love, the BIGGEST thing is actually DOING stuff, RELEASING your goodness into the world. It’s not sitting on drafts of posts, scheduling your social media, planning out events, or anything that goes on in your head/behind the scenes. It’s the stuff that gets in front of peoples’ EYEBALLS. Even if it ain’t perfect, ya gotta give it to the people. I know it’s tough, but your perfectionism is not something that helps you produce quality, it’s only hindering you from producing anything.


Fear of failure.

I know this one well. There are so many “What if’s” that every single person could tumble down endless rabbit holes of and make Alice in Wonderland-quality movies out of with weird characters like monraths and walruses, but really, truly, DON’T. Flip the script on failure – remember that failure is your FRIEND. Failure is FUN. Failure is FREEING. Failure gets you to the lessons and the results that you need FASTER. Embrace the crap outta failure and do whatever you can to try everything a quickly as you can so you can accelerate your successes. I’m not saying bet the house on red or anything, I’m saying MAKE DECISIONS. Don’t dawdle. If failure comes, remember it’s simply an event that you LEARN from, then learn accordingly and MOVE ON!


Fear of success.

This is my biggest block. If I succeed that means people will rely on me to be there. If people rely on me, then what happens when a depressive episode hits and I can’t be there, or create content, or what if I’m only a success ONCE then my success fairy just up and quits on me??? Do you, dear reader, see how destructive that thought process was? (I hope so!) There are people out there who have mastered living in the NOW, and I envy them so much. They don’t get sad about the past, or anxious about the future, they simply exist in the now and act accordingly. Be like those people. I know I’m trying to. Don’t fear success, just take one step at a time, approach your tasks one day at a time, check in on your long term goals occasionally but don’t get hyper-focused on ANYTHING you can’t control. Be like, totally zen, k?


Focusing on the END RESULT.

Similar to fearing failure or success, focusing too much on what’s at the end of the rainbow (that pot o’ gold is awfully alluring though) is going to cause you to misstep in the now. Imagine walking on a hiking trail and only looking at the spot you think you’re going to end up at – how often would you trip on a rock?? Or miss a beautiful little woodland creature skitter across your path?? Or just appreciate where you are here and now with everything you’ve got around you?? Yes, your endgame goal is, well, THE GOAL, but each step your taking should be your focus on the daily. Remember that as your FOCUS.



Have you ever tracked how much time you spend on your phone, scrolling your social media? Or how much entertainment you consume when apps like Netflix just countdown to taking your free will away and auto-nudge you into another hour of Law and Order: SVU? Do you have a smart watch attached to your wrist (very visible, I must say) that notifies you every time an email, text, message, app update, whatever comes through on your multitude of platforms? These are modern distractions that take SO MUCH time and seemingly innocuous brainspace away from us when we’re trying to relax or focus so we never truly get to enjoy EITHER state of being. STOP THE DISTRACTIONS NOW. Put the phone away. Turn the notifications off. Focus on sanctity of your brainspace.



This one’s a biggy for so many people I encounter and they don’t even realize it but it’s this double-edged sword of trying to get them to realize it without triggering that butt-hurt reaction, or getting through to the people who think that their mindset has nothing to do with reality. NEWSFLASH, my friends, your mentality sets up your reality. If you keep thinking traffic’s shitty then guess what?? Traffic’s gonna be shitty! If you keep thinking you’re a victim and everything is happening TO you, and you can’t do anything about it, well, then, honestly, I’ve gotten to the point that I just say to those people “Yeah, you’re right. Everything is out to get you so you SHOULD just give up.” Is that the best thing for a Life Coach to say to someone? NO! Definitely not! But, I can tell when there are people who I CAN help and people who I CANNOT help. The people who still believe that everything is happening TO them and that they have no control over anything are not yet ready to take responsibility for changing their lives. I promise you, every individual has the ability to change at least SOMETHING they’re unhappy about but it takes the mindset shifts necessary to do so. Is it easy? Not always. Is it worth it. OHMYGOSHYES.


Tracking progress/celebrating successes.

So many of my fellow artist and entrepreneurial friends (I’m including myself in this) are so good at kicking ass and accomplishing things but when it comes time to acknowledge that we’ve achieved something, it’s like we forget EVERYTHING. When you flip that and it comes time to sharing our failures we are super quick to come up with a laundry list of where we went wrong. That ain’t good, my friends. Getting better at tracking our true progress, those little steps along the hiking trail, and celebrating the little wins along the way, is vital to our ongoing journey. Imagine setting two hikers out on the same trail, one with no rewards along the way and one who received little scouting badges each time they passed a checkpoint on the path, who do you think would have a more memorable and enjoyable hike? (The one with all the BADGES!!!) Be sure to give yourself some badges along your entrepreneurial journey, friend, you deserve ‘em!



This is a skill I have yet to master so I’m going to speak from a place of things I’m LEARNING. Similar to focusing on the journey of your daily path rather than focusing on the end goal, try to practice patience by looking at your little wins and goal accomplishments as legit SUCCESSES. Maybe you’re not where you want to be yet, and that’s ok. Most big names that you look up to took AGES to get there. Yes, instant gratification is, well, gratifying, but investing your time and energy in the long game can be SO REWARDING. Celebrating those little wins can help you recognize just how far along you are, even if it’s not yet at the end. I know personally for me, I tend to plod along for a while then peek my head up, only to see a BIG LONG WAY TO GO AHEAD, then get overwhelmed and throw my hands up in the air in exhaustion and defeat. BUT. When I give myself badges along the way I get to look at these little accomplishments and remember that I’m DOING THE THING, and I’ll get to that big END GOAL eventually, it’ll just be a bit. In the meantime, though, check out all these sweet badges I’m getting!


Your surroundings.

It’s so cliché by now, but. . . here it is AGAIN. . . you are the sum of the five people you hang out with the most. Also, here’s a lil diddy I’m throwing in, a happy home makes a happy host. What’s this mean for launching what you love? Well, by surrounding yourself (either IRL or on the world wide web, I believe both can be equally powerful) you lift up your personal standards of creativity, intelligence, productivity, and happiness. I’ve done extensive field research in this (entirely off the record, in my own personal life) and sometimes it’s come down to turning into an IRL hermit (avoiding 9-5 grind friends, skipping social events I knew would drain me, or just staying in for a lotta solo time) but a WWW butterfly (socializing in my favorite online groups that fostered support and empowerment and meeting with my bi-weekly mastermind group via Zoom)  and that works just fine for me. Be sure you’re not hanging around energy-suckers, is all I’m saying. As for your physical surroundings, I cannot say enough for minimalism. Is my house a stark example of just the necessities? Ha! No! Far from it. But I am continuously combing through my surroundings to see what’s needed and what’s just taking up space and cluttering my energy. I highly recommend the practice!



Listen. You, you there reading this, you are a MAGNIFICENTLY WONDERFUL and UNIQUELY BAD ASS BOSS PERSON who is meant to do AMAZING things on this planet. Do not forget that. You have a gift that NO ONE ELSE DOES and the world needs you to share it to add your special sparkle to it. I truly believe that if everyone were adding their unique sparkle to the world it would brighten up the dark spots and all the hate around the world would slowly diminish. That is powerful. YOU are powerful. You have the ability to brighten up someone’s day and I want you to remember that. There is no one who is as YOU as you are. THAT is AMAZING. Recognize and remember that. K? You shining sparkle star of goodness, you.



Why does any of this matter? Why shouldn’t I just give up?

Whew, listen, I’ve been there, in fact, sometimes I still venture into that dark tunnel of “Why bother?” thinking.

But then I remember that I’ve got a gift that I am OBLIGATED to share with the world. I am uniquely qualified to see the amazing potential in others, shine a light on it so that they can see it too, then help them to bring that light out into the world to increase their good 10-fold. I think it’s up to us offbeat creatives – writers, artists, coaches, teachers, creators in ALL fields, to shift the energy of this world from dark to light. Here in America it’s been a scary few years and I’ve got a job to do in helping to fix that. It ain’t running for congress or president, instead it’s empowering my fellow offbeat creatives to uncover their true callings and launch what they love so that we can take on the world, one uplifted voice at a time.

Just think about it. . . if we all encouraged our fellow human beings to shine their light, what dark would there be? You have a light in you. What is it? How can you share it? How can I help you share it? The world needs every little bit of sparkle we can sprinkle right now, and I am saying that at the age of nearly 35 with a straight face. It’s my passion in life to get every person I encounter to sprinkle their sparkles out in the world in their own unique way, whatever and however it may be.




What about YOU?? What’s got YOU stuck right now? Comment below and let me know!



Cheers to creating,

Jessie Britely  💖🔮🐈

PS – Check out my new LANDING PAGE thing here!

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