Just Five 🖐 EASY Steps to Solve ALL Your Problems😅. . . That Familiar Self-Help/Entrepreneurial Tourist Trap🎪🎫🤑

It’s like the giant rolly rock from Indiana Jones – it just keeps comin’ at me

Oh man, I’ve been getting deep in the weeds of developing something I’m VERY excited to be sharing in the coming months which has been both GREAT, and, well, GRATING. I’ve been on a roll like I’ve never been in my adult creative life which is amazing. And it’s tiring. And kinda overwhelming. But it’s also so freaking fortunate to have gained the clarity on my true calling. . . so I just keep chugging along, breaking my BIG LIFE GOAL into smaller, more manageable chunks, and gettin’ ’em done!


Fancy a stop at this tourist “attraction”?

As someone in the mental health/entrepreneurial/self-help/art space (I’m sorry, EVERY entrepreneur advice-giver out there, did you say niche down? Yeah, that’s just not gonna happen. . .) it’s been driving me BONKERS lately to see just how many of my fellow creators out there are promising an all-in-one solution that ends ALL THE STRUGGLES EVER.

It’s just simply not possible. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve read the books, you’ve invested in conferences, you’ve been to local events, you’ve put some money down on courses (some of which emptily claim to be the cure-all and some of which are honest and offer help while setting clear expectations), and you’ve spent SO MANY car rides/showers/walks/etc. listening to podcasts/videos from your favorite niche-specific role models. It can be overwhelming to say the least!

For the longest time I felt like a hamster on a wheel, or a dog chasing my own tail, or. . . I don’t know. . . that grocery bag circling in the wind in American Beauty trying to show people that there’s beauty in the world with my weird repetitive plastic bag dance! Yeah, I dunno, I got lost there. . . Anyway, I was stuck. I kept coming up with ideas then going through the motions of getting them off the ground only to “give up” a few months in. That cycle repeated itself SO. MANY. TIMES.

Until. . .


Copy of Daily Mindset Workout Thumbnail

No seriously though, it just took ONE THING

I found the ONE BIG THING that solved it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, you’re thinking I’ve lured you into one of those entrepreneurial tourist traps I mentioned in the subject line and I’m about to sell you some of my world-famous Britely’s Solves-It-All Snake Oil. . . but I’m not. I hope to share with you, and like, a BUNCH of people, how I found that one thing, what it was, and how YOU (and anyone), can do the EXACT SAME THING and hopefully get the exact same results. I hope you’re bear with me as I figure out this whole thing but I just wanted to let you know this lil insider intel, I’ve got big things coming! And if you’ve felt like that uncontrollably swirling plastic bag just trying to get by while also shouting to Wes Bentley that the world is beautiful, I feel ya. I feel ya LIKE WHOA.



Coming soon, to a vacant mall near you. . .

I’ll hopefully be able to keep up with these weekly blog posts and I’ll be making them helpful and actionable. I’ll also keep this like my legit LiveJournal still though, because, well I gotta pull the curtain back to the messiness that is my IRL mental health and entrepreneurial struggles. It’s not all insta-worthy lattes and smiles, y’all.


I hope you have a fantastic week!!


Cheers to creating,
Jessie Britely


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