How to Strike⚡️ Your GENIUS🧠 Gold Mine💰! (It’s not what you think💡!)

Hello, friend!

Ok, so I actually kinda dislike those icky click bait subject that say things like “It’s not what you think!” or “You’re probably doing it completely wrong!” – but I get it, they’re kind of fun to poke fun at. And I totally fell for it this week. I hope it didn’t cause ya to consider unfollowing my blog!


Disney Movies Ruined Me

Because here’s the truth: Striking it big in your GENIUS gold mine probably isn’t what you think. I’ve spent so much time thinking that everything would just kind of magically come together – all at once in one mystical lightning flash of a breath-taking A-HA moment that would change my life in an instant. I partially blame a childhood full of Disney movies for this. . . but I also blame it on my obsession with consuming self-help content and idolizing internet indie-preneurs who seem to have gotten their poop in a group seemingly over night. I know somewhere deep down in my being that it’s not possible that anyone has become an overnight success – but the majority of my brain and heart have been convinced that this is how it works and I have been an idiot for not being able to just click into it. Why must I always beat myself up?


It’s not as easy as Cosmo says. . .

I tapped into my GENIUS Gold Mine this week and it wasn’t AT ALL where I’d ever imagine (or have been trying to FORCE it outta) to have stumbled upon it. You see, creativity and imagination are not muses we can simply text at 2AM with a “Sup?” and expect them to be DTI (that’s Down to Inspire). They’re like those rare magical perfect life partners who deserve to be wooed in their own unique ways – you can’t learn how to turn on your creative powers with just any ol’ tips from the back of a Cosmo magazine. Nope, you need that authentic connection that only comes from time, trial, and DOING IT. (yeah, I said doing it)


What had happened was. . .

Back to my story. . . this last Friday I found myself 50 minutes early to my psychiatrist appointment – which is the opposite of normal, because I’m usually like 5 minutes late. At 8:30AM, I saw a calendar reminder for my psych appointment at 9:00AM and immediately launched into action, dashing around the house to look as presentable as possible to get to the appointment on time. I was. . . 10 minutes late. However, when I checked in at the front desk I was told that my appointment was actually at 10AM and I was SUPER EARLY! I looked at my phone closely and saw that yup, I had given myself TWO appointments – one at 9 just to remind myself, and one at 10 that was the actual appointment.

Congrats to Past Jessie for seeing how Future Jessie would fail in getting to her appointment on time. Shame on Future Jessie for failing to get to the appointment she believed was correct on time. And congrats again to Past Jessie for setting up this opportunity to create space for Future Jessie to think about her life decisions for 50 minutes. Anyway. . . I found myself 50 minutes early to my appointment and the only thing to do was wait in a lobby full of strangers for nearly an hour.

GENIUS Gold Mine

The GENIUS Gold Mine

And that, my friends, is when my GENIUS Gold Mine just glared its shiny goodness right in my eyeballs and all I had to do was write it all out. In that 50 minutes I created themed topics of video/social media/newsletter/Facebook Live content for the next THREE MONTHS!!! And! they’ve all got playlists (for YouTube) that they fall into – just like magic!!! It was amazing. I sat there, sometimes glancing up at the snoring patient across from me, as I determinedly scribbled away these free-flowing solid gold nuggets of content.

My whole point in writing this is to tell you that your big ideas, ah-ha moments, critical decisions, and needle-moving content inspiration is not just going to come to you all willy-nilly. I promised myself that for the entire month of April I would release 4 videos every week on YouTube, one newsletter each week, and one blog post each week. I did like, 94% of all of that – which is an A in my book. I did B- to B+ work and ya know what, no one sent me a hate message for shoddy work, no one commented that something sucked, my email list stayed pretty much the same, and I have gained so much confidence and clarity in my message and my voice.



Doing the work has led to more breakthroughs, slowly but surely. And yeah, it’s uncomfortable having sub-par videos out there, and newsletters that y’all are reading that I KNOW could have been better (you deserve the best, really, you do – and I promise one day soon it’ll be the best damn near every time), and publishing posts/videos/social media stuff to crickets. . . but if I’m not creating I’m stuck in the cycle of contemplating.

Creating = testing. Testing = learning. Learning = growing. Growing = getting better. Getting better = GENIUS GOLD MINE!!!!


And that, my very favorite reader, is where I will leave you this evening. I hope that you feel inspired, empowered, and educated to uncover your calling and launch what you love.

I hope you can squeeze some sunshine ☀️ and rainbows 🌈 into the realities 😨 of your week, friend!

Cheers to creating,

Jessie Britely 💖🔮🐈

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