What Happens When You Find Your PASSION

NINE YEARS of “The Infomercial Fail”

Ya. All. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be acting in crystal clear clarity while I go forward in my goal of empowering my fellow offbeat creatives. And this isn’t bragging. It’s been a good NINE years that I’ve been slowly stumbling toward this realization. PAINFULLY SLOWLY. Like, if you were to have been a fly on my wall it would’ve looked like one constant montage of those people in infomercials who CAN’T DO ANYTHING. . . You know the ones, they’re in black and white and they can’t even REACH FOR SOMETHING without somehow banging their head on something completely out of the way??

Yeah! Like that!


Buzzword Beef: Your ICA

If you’re deep in the entrepreneurial world trenches you’ve heard of the often times be-groaned ICA, or Ideal Customer Avatar. Well, I’ve got some SERIOUS BEEF with that word.

So often I see my peers struggling to identify their ICA, hell, I struggled to identify mine too! But ya know what? It’s actually NOT about that. NOTHING STARTS with your ICA.


Yup, I think the ICA is just this weird point that us well-meaning entrepreneurs and well-intentioned mentors focus on because it’s EASY. It’s IDENTIFIABLE. It’s QUALIFIABLE. It’s something you can write out on a piece of paper and look at and say, ok, I see it now, I am doing this for them. But. . . ARE YOU? How passionate and excited do you feel about providing your product or service for THAT IMAGINARY PERSON? I’m going to chance a guess and say not very.

Well, my friend, you are not alone.


It’s not them, it’s you

Have you taken several online courses on how to start an online business, or learning online marketing tools, or even an entire course on identifying your ICA only to end up doing very little with it (it’s ok to say yes to any of these, this is a completely JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE – plus, I can say yes to these myself!)??

Well, my friend. . .I have good news and I have bad news.

The BAD NEWS is, the problem isn’t the courses, it’s you.

The GOOD NEWS is, the problem is you, and not the courses! YOU are something we can work on. The courses are an investment you already made and likely can’t get a refund on so. . . it’d be a total bummer if they were the area to improve. BUT! You, you my friend, are where we can improve. And that’s SUCH GOOD NEWS.

Improving ourselves as human beings is what we were evolutionarily created to do. WE GOT THIS! It’s just that we didn’t KNOW we were getting in our own way, much less HOW, and now that we know, we’ve got the ability to CHANGE THAT! And then ya know what we can do? Go back to those neglected courses that are growing dust (and maybe whispering sweet nothings of guilt from our email inboxes? no, that’s just me? ok, that’s cool) and DOMINATE THEM! We can squeeze EVERY PENNY OF INVESTMENT OUTTA THOSE SUCKERS!!! And the best part? It will be with the purposeful passion, relentless resilience, and dogged determination of a thousand tardigrades (I think that’s my record for alliterations in a sentence – SCORE!)


From Infomercial Fail to Pitching the “Solves-it-ALL” Product

Ok, so I don’t have my exact “product” set in stone yet but I know EXACTLY who I’m serving and HOW. If you read the above and were nodding your head to the point that maybe you just pulled something – you’re my brand new ICA. And look! I didn’t do a single exercise to identify you! I just know exactly how I want to help people and exactly what I want to help them do! I also know I want to work with people who would embrace the descriptor of “offbeat” – because normies are cool and all, but, well. . . they’ve got SO MANY other normies out there to be their guides through this crazy world of uncovering and doing what you love.

I want a tribe of fellow misfit toys – who get that reference and happily identify as such!

I’m in the “building my community” phase and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m taking the time to curate content that I think will speak to my fellow offbeat entrepreneurs and once we’re gathered, I hope to offer guidance, support, encouragement, empowerment, education, and a lil funsies so that you can uncover ALL of their good stuff and start taking on the world. By equipping y’all with the tips to ensure success, tools to uncover clarity, and encouragement to inspire confidence my goal is to help y’all LAUNCH WHAT YOU LOVE.

The Biggest A-HA Moment Ever – JUST HAPPENED IRT, IRL (in real time, in real life)

And with that, I JUST NOW REGISTERED http://www.launchwhatyoulove.today!!!! And got a Facebook page!!!! Holy crap! Out of all the domain names I’ve bought because I thought I had a decent idea – naahhhh. THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHAT IT IS. I have never been SO FIRED UP. And it’s not mania. I feel it in my bones, in my gut, in my heart, and in my SOUL.

Oh man, are y’all ready for this? Cuz, I mean, I AM, but I’m also still terrified in the back of my mind of all the scary bits – like failure/success/wtf am I even doing but it’s like those are little bullies who don’t deserve time on the playground and my PASSION right now is the coolest kid from 5th grade with their safety patrol sash on giving them the FIERCEST STINK EYE EVER and keeping them at bay.

This is gonna be good, y’all. I hope you’re on board!

Launch What You Love

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Thank you ALL SO SO SO VERY MUCH for being on this crazy journey. It’s been dark, grey, bright, foggy, sparkly, rainy, and sometimes artificially sunny, but it’s always been so great knowing I’m not alone.

Cheers to creating,

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