Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Dating. . . There is no Prince Charming and Forcing Ultimatums NEVER Works. . .

I feel like I’ve gone at my entrepreneurial endeavors kind of like the people on those reality shows where they give away roses. Like. . . “THIS will be the ONE. It HAS to be. I am SO SURE that this one idea that I met like, a few months ago is the PERFECT idea for me and I can already see the business cards and the franchising opportunities and everything! It’ll be SO DREAMY!” But imagine you went on that show never having even DATED before. . .

I hope this is making sense. . .

Lately I’ve been casually “seeing” my entrepreneurial ideas, ya know, keeping the pressure off and just kind of letting them blossom if it’s the right chemistry of lust and like or fizzle out if they’re a terrible kisser. I made feminist stickers and they just chill on my Etsy page; when I make a sale it’s super cool and makes me happy – but I’m not forcing my future onto feminist stickers. If Oprah bought them and shared them as the best thing ever then they blew up and somehow earned me millions, well that’d be rad! But I’m not banking on them being my Prince Charming.

I maybe kind of sort of made my art into my Prince Charming. . . And I maybe kind of sort of threw a fit befitting a Disney step-sister when it did not live up to my Disney-movie-childhood expectations. But ya know what? None of our ideas deserve that kind of pressure. And WE don’t deserve that pressure.

I’ve forced ultimatums on my ideas before and it’s always ended in heartbreak. I’ve gone into networking events with ridiculous goals and been crushed when I didn’t reach them (as an introvert that’s pretty much every networking event ever). Instead of forcing our ideas into a black OR white situation of it’s EITHER success or failure, why don’t we embrace the grey area between and allow ourselves to play in the ambiguity?

Our ideas and pursuits and passions can be pursued like potential suitors. Some of them are handsome as all get-out but good for very little other than looking good at a party. Some are the nerdy ones who weren’t yet given a chance so they’re full of love and support if we just show some patience. Some are just absolutely terrible and even if you think you know better you end up with them and 6 months later after an absolutely terrible break up you sit there wondering what the hell happened and why did you do that to yourself. Not that I know any of these from experience, but I’m saying, I think as entrepreneurs we can probably all relate these to “failed” business ideas as well. So what if we casually dated our ideas for a bit before deciding they’re “the one” rather than writing our new married names in cursive all over our notebooks after the first time they pop into our head.

There likely is no Prince/ss Charming. But even if there were, do you think they’d appreciate all that pressure of being “THE ONE”?

Personally, I’m going forward with the intent to “Cowork and Chill” with my entrepreneurial endeavors. Maybe love is in the cards, maybe it’s not, but at least I can go bowling or hiking or check out some local breweries with my potential new biz-boos. Revel in the grey area, y’all.


So. . . I just participated in Fizzle.co’s Just Ship It Challenge (it was for members of the site, check it out their site here! I LOVE it!) and this was a musing I was stirred to write in their forums after we celebrated completing the challenge today on the group call. It’s been so fun watching everyone go through the struggles to succeed in “shipping” something they’ve been wanting to do for ages. I was bummed though when a bunch of us were beating ourselves up over the progress we didn’t make, rather than focusing on celebrating the progress we DID make.

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(I’m not technically an affiliate for fizzle.co but that link is attached to my membership so that if someone signs up I get discounts on my future year’s memberships, which is pretty rad of them to do. I seriously cannot recommend the site enough – from its courses to its community – it’s the BEST. I even just got into a mastermind thanks to meeting people from the forums! One person’s in the US, one in Germany, and one in the UK – how cool is that??)


PS – Don’t forget to check out my new YouTube channel! It’s in its beginning stage so stay tuned as I add more content!

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