YouTube. . . The Final Frontier. . .

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Rufus Strikes & Wins

Welp, I finally did it. After YEARS. . . even a DECADE of putting this off, I’ve launched a YouTube channel.

I know, from what all of the internet experts say, that the “riches are in the niches” but I just don’t do well with narrowing down my interests and the same goes for my channel. If this turns off potential subscribers then so be it. I want to empower fellow offbeat creatives with mindset mastery, life advice, art entrepreneurship, #humanizementalhealth, and yeah – some D&D stuff too. There are people out there who will find this PERFECT – and those are the people I’m talking to. I don’t want to settle on just one of those topics. Life’s too short.

So if you’ve enjoyed reading any of my musings, I invite you to click on that image above to join in my misadventures of learning the YouTubes – fair warning, I’m still learning how to edit so it might be a little rough for a while here. . .



The Most Excellent Year Yet Facebook Group!

I’ve also started a Facebook Group! Because I want to help my friends be accountable to their goals – and pop in to get some encouragement and advice in a nice lil safe space free from internet trolls and jerks. If you’ve been looking for ways to keep yourself accountable to reaching your BIG LIFE GOALS this year, consider checking it out!

Most Excellent Year Yet (6)



And the biggest and BEST news! I got a job offer!!!! No joke, my finances are NOT good. I’ve got a long and bumpy road ahead of me to recover the mess my quitting put me in. Mentally I think it was the call to make, but financially – not so much. On the pro side, I’ve gotten a lot done for my own future biz’s and I’m excited. On the con side, well, just take a look at my credit card and savings statements. . . That’s the reality of it though. I hope to make a post or video on that. I believe in being transparent and not sugarcoating!


I hope y’all are well! And taking care of your mental health hygiene!


Cheers to creating,


You can follow me on Insta too! @jessiebritely

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