Define: Hustle

I feel us entrepreneurial types, especially the ones born after Gen X, have been sold a false bill of goods.

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We’re told, and we often parrot (on social media, to each other at networking events, or even worse – to ourselves in earnest), the term HUSTLE, as if it’s something to be proud of, something to achieve, something to chase, something to consider a viable way of life/business.

And I suppose hustle is a way of life if you haven’t found your conviction yet. Hustle is something you might need if you’re shooting in the dark simply hoping something, ANYTHING, will land. Hustle is the battle cry of people who are trying to SELL, not people who are trying to GIVE.

I’ve found that with recent explorations I’m not “hustling”; I’m mindfully writing down my to-do’s and checking them off. Yes, there are a lot of those to-do’s and sometimes it does seem like it’s still a ‘hustle’ but my goals are driven by the desire to GIVE. Don’t get me wrong, of course I could use some cold hard cash (that little runway I saved up has been exhausted, not the best feeling to be functioning under) but I’m not after readers/subscribers/viewers/patrons to get their eyeballs and likes – I’m putting myself out there to try to help people.

It took me nine years to learn the trial-error my way through the lessons I hope to help others with in the span of more like 9 months. How is it that we humans can create a BRAND NEW HUMAN LIFE in 9 months but when it comes to getting at the core of who WE ALREADY ARE. . . it takes YEARS??? I call BS.

So that’s just a lil something I wanted y’all to mull over today/this week. If you’re on the hustle bus. . . maybe take a minute to look around and see if it’s truly serving you to stay in that mindset. Maybe consider getting off at the next stop and hopping on the Gratitude & Servitude Express, next stop – your dream life. (wow, super cheesy, my bad)

Cheers to creating,

Jessie Britely


Also, here’s just a photo of my pupper – because I haven’t shared in this blog that I got a pupper yet! Her name’s Ripley (like the bad ass in Aliens – except this Ripley is not exactly a bad ass), she’s 6-ish, she’s a Yorkie-Poo-Pug, and she will politely inquire as to why you’re not petting her by swiping her paw on your hand or getting onto your lap and staring at you. She enjoys sleeping on the highest mountain of pillows or squishy things she can find. Her beard isn’t just for the NHL playoffs. She’s pretty much the cutest lil nugget there ever was.



OH! And I gotta practice getting better at this – I made a Patreon page to better support my efforts of empowering others. . . Should you feel so inclined to become a patron, you get my “6 Mental Health Hygiene Tips for the Modern Human” digital download! Y’all. . . setting up a Patreon page, figuring out digital downloads, mastering the intricacies of web design (yes, even though it’s SquareSpace!), linking Pinterest with my site. . . all of it has been like learning how to ride a bike in sand on a hot day with old school RenFest hecklers throwing tomatoes at me. That is to say, ROUGH. So. . . I’m fucking proud of the shit I’ve done so far. Is it the BEST work? No. Is it the best I can do to get all the content out that I want to in the time frame I have? YUP! Progress over perfection is my life’s meditation these days.

Anyway – here’s my Patreon!   Jessie Britely on Patreon


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