Walk the Walk. . . It’s 2019 and there’s no going back!

I did it! I broke my “Hiatus from Blogging” record by like, A LOT!!! But this time, friends, my blog is a part of my plan to help heal the world (NBD) so I’m probably gonna be on here a lot more. . . and REGULARLY!

I also did another thing. . . I quit my regular day job back in October of last year. I had two months’ bills worth of savings (NOT a recommended amount. . . go for like 6 months +, which ya know, is like super easy to do, yeah? NOT!) and a passion boiling in my blood to get the ideas I’ve been sitting on for years OUT and TANGIBLE to the world. I wanted to sell my art, sell my art on tote bags, make custom pieces for people, #humanizementalhealth, and somehow empower people like me who lost their way in their life and are yearning to get back to who they truly are.

I wish we supported entrepreneurship like we support making babies. If I have a legitimate business idea and a plan to see it through, just pay my bills (I’m not even asking for full income!) for three months and let me see if I get that idea off the ground. Seems legit, yeah? Like maternity/paternity leave but entrepreneurial. . . Hmm. . . I think there’s something here.

Something that won’t change with this blog – I will continue to be completely transparent about my mental health. Although “polished” is NOT what I’m going for on my social media, I don’t often post when I’m out of it or down so you don’t usually see that, but here is where I write and through my words I get everything out. My mental health, over the last LOTS of MONTHS has been all over the place. There was a real rough spot where I had obsessive compulsive delusions about my partner that became detrimental to both of our happiness in our relationship and in general (that’ll happen when you cohabitate). Despite every effort trying to redirect my thoughts and use logic, the thoughts would not stop. Thankfully I went to my psychiatrist and I’m on a new Rx that DEFINITELY helped with that part of my brain. Thank you, sweet baby Moses.

copy of copy of b (1)

Anyway, the title of this post has to do with my WORD O’ THE YEAR which is WALK.

For a very long time I have been talking the talk (and researching the research) but have done very little WALKING of the WALK. 2018’s word was “authenticity” and I believe I successfully got to the core of who I am and who I want to be, which was NOT EASY last year. Now it’s time to take that information that I learned and share it with the world. So often I start things (I’m REALLY good at STARTING) but only very rarely do I follow through and once in a blue moon do I FINISH. Not this time. I’ve got plans.

So there ya have it, the whole kit n’ caboodle! I’m so excited to be on this journey with y’all. I hope you’ll stay tuned!

Oh, and you can go to www.jessiebritely.com to see all of this jazz and even sign up for my weekly newsletter!!!


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