Jessie. . . QUITS HER DAY JOB!

Y’all. . . I’m quitting my job!


Ok, ok, not really. At least, not yet. I have a full time job that I actually don’t hate (where I can wear whatever I want, like, literally pajamas) working for a woman entrepreneur just 10 minutes from my house. I have health insurance thanks to my boo’s work allowing domestic partners on their plan (THANK YOU SWEET BABY MOSES! Even if it costs me $300 a month. . . ugh. . .) so it’s ok that my job doesn’t offer health insurance. Basically, I’ve got a pretty sweet 9-5 setup for now that will allow me to save up money, learn a little bit more about entrepreneurship from an actual entrepreneur, it won’t suck my soul (so I’ll have some energy and creative juices to be able to work on this when I get home), and, honestly (ok, a little bit sadly) I won’t be terrified that I won’t be able to pay my bills if my BIG IDEA fails.

how to quit your day job

I’ve got myself a plan. . . I’ll keep helping out at this 9-5 for the next year while working my ASS OFF at home to launch my own entrepreneurial jam by my birthday next year (June 26th). I’m giving myself 12 months, but I’ll be pushing myself to complete my projects and tasks (a little prioritizing trick I learned and am excited to share!!), so the focus of this blog will be shifting with my shift in purpose. (more on that later)

I was going to wait to “start” my 12 months until June 1st, or my birthday on the 26th, but that’s kind of like everytime I say “I’m starting my diet tomorrow!” – and then somehow, some way, tomorrow just never seems to come.


Well, my friends, NOT THIS TIME!

This time I have a mission larger than myself, a mission to make the world a better place by helping others. I want to empower fellow offbeat entrepreneurial women to build their bravery while learning the skills they need to confidently quit their day jobs and pursue their creative callings.

“Empower fellow offbeat entrepreneurial women to build their bravery while learning the skills they need to confidently quit their day jobs and pursue their creative callings.”

Ok, I’m not sure it’s 100% there as a mission statement but it’s a START! I want to inspire, encourage, and empower fellow creative feminist entrepreneurs to quit their day jobs and earn their own income doing what they’re passionate about. It’s time we quit working for the man just so he can buy his 5th house in Maui. It’s time we earn money doing what we love and find fulfilling. It’s time we fill the world with our own special brands of quirky, offbeat creativity.

I’ve been ruminating on what I do best and it came down to a short list:

  • Listening to the wickedly creative women in my life tell me their creative career dreams then borderline yelling at them to GO DO THAT THING!!! I WILL HELP YOU!!!
  • Creating worksheets for things like mind maps, goal planning, prioritizing, and creative critical thinking exercises
  • Reminding my friends that they’re THE BEST. . . like I’m some combo of Elvira and Leslie Knope forming a spazzy-optimistic-campy-unapologetically punk rock cheerleader


So I hope y’all are on board for my latest misadventures in launching this new project that I hope to turn into a business. I’ll be posting about my progress here now, and still posting some mental health “diary entries” as per usual as well – because I still have that to sort through (ya know, forevs). Then as I launch my new endeavor I’ll let y’all know about that site, too!

Let the countdown begin. . . 2019. . . June, 26th. . . when Jessie QUITS HER DAY JOB (and launches her dream job)!!!


Cheers to creating*,


*that’s the signature I’m trying out, how does it fit?

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