Lacunas Between

Life, how you distract me, let me count the ways:

  • buying a house
  • work stress
  • NLC Institute
  • whole 30
  • finally getting around to seeing a therapist
  • Women’s March on Washington

I last posted exactly a month ago (how do I keep doing this?) and of course with not keeping up the blog – a lot has happened.

Shall I go in order?

Buying a house: Now, this here is some real adult shit. I’m 32, single, I’ve had the same job going on 5 years now (technically I’ve been promoted so same company but higher up positions), I’m fairly comfortable where I’m at in my life, and after moving at least once a year, every year for the past DECADE I am ready to have a HOME. This started when my landlord announced she was selling the house that my above-garage apartment is affiliated with. I’ve got an adorable little 1bed/1bath apartment and a neighbor with the same – both above a big ol’ garage in an eccentric artsy neighborhood. Anyway, the landlady sold mine and my neighbor’s apartments along with the house where two nice girls lived but fortunately the people who bought the house wanted to keep my neighbor and I while they moved into the house (unfortunately for the nice girls). So while I’ve still got a place to live I am looking for a house to buy and live in for at least the next five years. There are two cities I’m looking at. I’ve fallen in love with a house twice now and had my heart broken twice. Buying a house was fun for all of a month. Now it’s made me into a bitter and sad pessimist who will honestly most likely change her tune once she falls in love with another house – then I’ll be head over heels all over again. I’ve likened it to dating – you get to know each other, sometimes you find out some shady ish about them, sometimes that shady ish is bad enough to merit walking away, and sometimes you let yourself fall enough for that shiny, pretty facade to be sad to let it go.

Work stress: At my job we get the week between Christmas and New Years off. I took this time to really think about my work situation and how I wanted to go forward. I decided to let everything from the past remain in the past and start anew. I’ll show up for 8 hours and do the work I’m paid to do. I will work hard this year to find what I truly do want to do, my life’s passion, and I will work toward that. I will be putting my energy there – to my OWN end. Of course, this is easier said than done! My 9-6 will get to me from time to time but I’ve made the decision to focus my positive energy on my own efforts and not let negative energy take over my days.

The NLC Institute: This is a post all on its own and will be – soon, hopefully. In short, I was chosen to be part of the New Leaders Council Institute in my area. Out of 100 who applied and 60 who were interviewed, I was one of the 25 chosen to participate in a 6 month leadership training program (1 weekend every month) aimed to gear young progressive leaders up to influence their local communities through government or entrepreneurship.

Whole 30: 2017 is my year of taking myself seriously and a part of this equation is physical health. The Whole 30 is meant to reset your system – it’s a diet that you can also use as an elimination diet in an attempt to weed out any foods that could potentially be triggering a reaction in your body. With a diagnosis of lupus (autoimmune disease) this intrigued me – if I remove gluten and other things then slowly reintroduce them to test if I react, could I possibly find that food is the immune trigger? MAYBE! Ok, let’s try it! I’ve also struggled since childhood with a SERIOUS addiction to sugar that I would like to finally be rid of. Unrelated to the diet, I’ve also declared this “sober 17” so it’ll be a completely alcohol-free year. That’s for MENTAL health!

I got a THERAPIST!: Ok, it’s a little early on in the relationship but I think she might be *the one*. Yeah, if you don’t know me that can probably sound super creepy. It’s not. I just mean I’ve got a new therapist that I’ve had three sessions with and they’ve been pretty productive. I think being single and having my BFF’s far away and my local friends in random groups or with kiddos it’s going to be super helpful to have a skilled therapist to work on my issues with. Because I definitely have some issues that need some working. We all do though. Anyway, I’m excited to have the opportunity to grow with the help of a licensed professional. After many many therapists that I did not jive with, it’s so nice to work with one I think will help me.

The Women’s March: This is an entire post of its own as well. As a last minute gift of serendipity I ended up on a 32 hour round trip bus ride from Florida to DC to march with 400,000-600,000 (depending on which crowd scientist you consult) other people who were there to stand up for the rights of those less privileged (women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and those with lower socioeconomic standing) and say that we’re not ok with being put down. It was momentous.


So there you have it. The guts of the update – before I forget! I’ll be explaining more soon – there’s so much more to these things. I just wanted to make sure I unpacked my brain before it exploded.

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