Leadership 1 – because we’re not even in the double digits yet

Becoming a Leader

Ok, so, I had planned to write out a lengthy blog post about how to blossom into the role of LEADER. . .

However, I feel like that’s doing a disservice to you, my 30-something strong readership.  Perhaps you’re already a leader and you got this ish ON LOCK, or you’re a timid newby on the job who wants to know a few tips before diving in, or you may just be reading this because WordPress auto-populated my post in their feed at just the right time.

If ANY of those above apply to you – I am here to help you with your leadership dreams!

I have a super simple “Beginner’s Guide” to leadership that I debated sharing with y’all because, well, I kind of like being successful and enabling all of the internet people out there to ALSO be successful could severely limit the likelihood that MY successfulness  will outshine others’ successfulness.  Alas, I am better than that and have decided to share with the world my top three tips for becoming a leader.  Watch out, Forbes, this here is a tell-all article!

jessie's (1)


1.  Do stuff

Yes, it’s that simple.  Do more stuff.  Do all of the stuff.  Volunteer to take on new projects.  Learn new interests on the internet.  Try a new hobby.  Join a soccer club.  Adopt a puppy.  Join Toastmasters.  Travel.

2.  Be the boss of stuff

Remember that stuff you just did?  Now, be the BOSS of it.  Ask to head the project you just volunteered for.  Start a meetup in your area for your new interest.  Teach someone about your new hobby.  Run the next soccer club practice.  Be the boss of that puppy and potty train it.  Join one of the committees of your Toastmasters club.  Create a travel itinerary for you and your friends/SO on the next trip.

3.  Do more stuff

Now you’ve done stuff, taken on the leadership role for all of that stuff, so guess what?  It’s time to do EVEN MORE STUFF!  This doesn’t mean keep up the same ol’, it means expand your horizons even further.  Sure you ran a practice at soccer club, but how about being the coach next season?  And you were the head of that one project at work, but what about another project that’s a little different?  If you started a meetup for your new interest, perhaps create an actual club out of it.  Oh, be sure to KEEP being the boss of the puppy – that’s not a “stuff” you just move on from – that’s a life commitment.  Step up your committee game at Toastmasters and be the VP of something (I’m keen on PR, personally).  Start blogging about your travels so that people outside of your circle can learn from your wisdom.


So there you have it.  My super top secret guide to becoming a leader.  Now don’t go telling everyone or anything.


PS – I create my graphics with Canva.  Remember my last blog post where I mentioned I don’t make them from scratch?  Well, Kate from Canva emailed me (twice!) to ask that I include a link to their site so that you can sign up too.  So, here you go, Kate!

PPS – I get nothing in return for linking to it.  Lest you think I’m a sellout, I am merely one who gives in to pressure easily and hates disappointing people.

PPPS – Those are NOT good qualities for a leader!  Do as I say, not as I do!

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