New Moon in Gemini, and Other Hippie Things

For my best friend’s 30th birthday last year we trekked to Cassadaga, somewhere between Orlando and Daytona, for a fun day at a spiritualist camp.  Since high school I’ve been interested in studies of astrology, chakras, spiritualism, and general hippie ramblings mostly thanks to 90’s classic, The Craft.  I also happened to go to high school directly across from my town’s super awesome “store for conscious living” which was my haven.  I read about astrology, auras, crystals, and how to find my one true love based on this or that crazy idea (I was a teenager, you judgers) and I smelled like 10 different kinds of incense by the time I came home.  I loved it.

While in Cassadaga I visited a spiritualist medium just for funsies who talked to my dad and told me a bunch of stuff that’s partially general and partially really weirdly specific and related directly to my dad (he mentioned a Rick and a speed boat which made no sense to me at the time then when I asked my mom she said he and his buddy Rick – before I was alive – did indeed go out on a speed boat, among other super weirdly specific things) and he said I had a strong spiritual connection that I should explore, even going so far as to say I should look into joining a spiritualist community local to where I am.  I did indeed go to a spiritualist church after that, once.  It was horrible.  Never again.

That was a long intro for a very short actual point.  I have a friend who is big into this kind of thing and I saw her post an article on the new moon in Gemini and how it’s bringing us out of the retrograde that’s been stirring up the past and releasing it.  I read it and it was one of those times where you’re talking to the article all “Yeah!  That DID happen!  Yeah!  I totally DO feel that way!” whether it’s just a general article everyone can relate to or it’s really spelled out in the stars, I will leave that up to you.

With a new moon you have an opportunity to see what doors you want to open after the ones that have just shut.  I read about rituals where you can set intentions for the time to come (there’s all kinds of moon and star cycles that I can’t keep track of) so that you move forward with focus.  Gemini is the sign of self-expression so according to the internets, now is the time to tell the universe what you want.

I took about an hour to do this tonight because I’ve had this gut feeling lately that my previous relationship fell apart because it was impeding so many things, not just my heart but my path to find my purpose and my HAPPINESS.  The past couple of weeks I’ve spent some time focusing on what I want for myself and I don’t feel so lost any more.  I don’t know 100% who I am or who I want to be, but I feel in my gut that I’m starting on the right path.  I wrote down my intentions, one focusing on giving me the wisdom and the strength to walk away from the WRONG paths (read: I stayed in the wrong relationship for too long, let’s not do that again) and avoid the distractions.

My favorite one that I want to share is this:

To seek, speak, practice, and become my most honest, kind, and genuine self.

To balance the three of those will be a challenge.  I got into a very bad habit of negative thinking and that is a very tough habit to break.  I’m determined and with my intentions set (and written down, FISH BRAIN) I feel confident that the next few months will be awesomely clarifying.

As my mom likes to say:  Everything will be alright in the end.  If it is not alright, it is not the end.

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