Inspiring Words from Martin Luther King Jr.

I wanted to pop in for a hot second and share my favorite quote from MLK. He has TONS of incredibly thought-provoking quotes, having been a great man who wanted to affect great change, but this one keeps my head on straight when things are bringing me down.

He’s also a fellow INFJ (blog coming up on that soon)!

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

In December of 2014 the boo and I visited Washington DC and MLK’s memorial was one of my top 2 amongst the many in the city (the other being the mini memorial for Eleanor Roosevelt that was part of FDR’s).  The quotes etched on the walls there are so inspirational – this man wanted equality for people so badly in a society that was in such turmoil that he put his life on the line numerous times (which lead to his unwarranted assassination).

I wish civil rights and the fight for equality were united again under a leader of such inspiring wisdom, we clearly could use it still to this day.

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