The Paradox of Choice

If I’m to believe the internet, famous actress, Mae West said, at two different times, the following quotes:

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful”


“Too much of a good thing can be taxing”

Preach it, Mae!

I recently re-took the Myers-Briggs personality test through the 16 Personalities website (a fantastic resource where you can read about your type in-depth, they do also sell further in-depth analyses – I didn’t opt for that) and came up again as INFJ.  As a psychology major in undergrad I strongly believe in the principals of this personality measurement tool so I fully “buy in” to it – judge if you will, but take a minute to complete the test and see if your results speak truth to you!

“INFJs are likely to find that most corporate career paths are not designed for them, but for those focused on status and material gain. This doesn’t mean that people with the INFJ personality type struggle to see viable options though. In fact, they are likely to face the opposite problem – many INFJs struggle to begin a career early on because they see ten wildly different paths forward, each with its own intrinsic rewards, alluring but also heartbreaking, because each means abandoning so much else.”

For so long I’ve given into the paradox of choice where I’m stunted by the sheer limitlessness of possibilities. Too much freedom (a good thing) can be both wonderful and taxing, all at the same time.

I do see these wildly different paths and I’ve no idea how to narrow them down so this year I’m going to take them all on and try to prioritize my time to fit them in. We’ll see if I can turn myself into an Etsy-selling, author-speaker, crystal healer, who-knows-what-else.

The trick now is to avoid that burnout that I’ve pretty much mastered falling into almost monthly. . .

Only time will tell!

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