The Horrors of Hoarding and the Happiness of Clearing Out

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

It’s been a hot minute since my last post thanks to the exciting endeavor of moving to St. Petersburg, FL with my boo!  We’re now residing in a very modest 625 square foot apartment with surprisingly roomy closets and minimal traditional furniture (you know, in order to fit my crafting space).  We don’t have a TV (Netflix and Amazon on his computer) or a dining room table (the rolly bench-thing made coffee table works just fine) but he’s got a big desk for his comic book writing and I’ve got a sprawling craft mecca so we’re happy.

Late in 2015 I read a blog post about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up which my childhood friend-turned roommate bought on Audible and shared with me.  The book, with very simple concepts (I honestly gleaned enough from the blog post to put the concepts into action), brought me to the realization that I had been a hoarder of craft supplies for my entire adult life.  I had amassed an entire 5×3 storage space of nothing but random craft supplies. This wasn’t just a few buttons here or there, I mean crafts that I had never even attempted (or really truly wanted to, I think) – leather working?  Really? Yeah!  I had supplies for that!  In addition to craft supplies I had a bizarrely cherished collection of clothes that I hadn’t worn in years, and likely never would wear again.

I think a lot of us in first-world countries are guilty of this.  We have disposable income so we collect THINGS.  Then this STUFF becomes what we define ourselves by – or it becomes some strange comfort once we’ve surrounded ourselves with it.  It’s almost a compulsion to buy the newest and greatest thing, or to buy that shiny random object we’ve already got 5 of because, HEY!  It’s on sale!

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So for the new year, and this new modest lifestyle with my boo, I cleaned out those overabundant craft supplies and pared down my wardrobe in an effort to find the more authentic version of how I want to live.  My goal is to get out of debt this year (student and car loan) and once and for all kick my first-world spending habits.

I’ll be keeping you posted on my triumphs and tribulations!

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