It Begins at the Beginning

Hello everyone!

My first post!  Well, on this blog at least.  I’ve probably written about a hundred blog posts in my life on the internets (I won’t consider my overly dramatic live journal or myspace rantings true blog posts, if those counted it would likely be in the thousands) but this one, this one is SPECIAL.

Today is the crash course in who I am and what I’m all about.  My name’s Jessie (it’s short for Jessica, but only my mom calls me that, and only when she’s mad about something – usually I didn’t pick up after myself at her place) and I’m a Jane of All Trades.  My life goals have varied from zoologist to craft store owner/instructor to public speaker/motivator extraordinaire.  Throughout my ever-changing dream job aspirations one thing remained the same, I wanted to HELP.

So that is the purpose of this blog, my mission of sorts, to help others.  Help others with what words of wisdom I’ve gathered in my 31 years here on Earth, with information I think might be helpful to the masses, and with a healthy dose of ENCOURAGEMENT.

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone (1)

I hope that my blog becomes a place of refuge in a sometimes chaotic world.  A little sparkle on the sidewalk, reminding you that there’s still magic and inspiration if you only look closely.



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