FWB – Cart Before the Horse

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)

There’s no one way to do something.  Each person has their own ways and signature moves that affect how their results unfold.  I myself don’t think that I’ve quite nailed a process down so my endeavors tend to be all over the place.  For example, my absolute urgency to create business cards for a business I didn’t even fully understand before the National Women’s Leadership Conference so that I would have SOMETHING to show for myself.  I called myself a Creative Consultant for lack of a better explanation as to what I can do for people.

After I had the cards printed I tried to figure out what it was that I wanted to do.  I decided that I would be a business coach-consultant.  Then I did research and discovered that those two professions were seen as mutually exclusive.  Ok, fine, I’ll just be a coach then, whatever.  That’s when the boo and I have a serious heart to heart where he points out that most people who are coaching have already succeeded in their own business before claiming they can help others.  Whatever!

Seriously though, it was a swift kick in the pants and ended up with me admitting it wouldn’t work.  Letting go of that delusion opened me up to starting the brainstorming process all over again with a fresh slate.  I tried to explain what I wanted to do – connect women experienced in whatever given occupational field to another woman/teen/girl contemplating going into that same field.  I definitely do not have all the answers myself therefore I can’t provide them.  However, if I connect these women, they can exchange their own personal answers in a sort of mentorship.

Turning the wheels a few more times I came up with a website where I can post interviews that  I conduct with those women in all occupations that I KNOW have great stories and advice to share.  I can link my blog to the site in case anyone wants to read all these sporadic posts.  I would love to eventually have a forum on the website where “mentees” can find mentors and connect on a one-on-one level.

I think that had I stuck to my original idea of being an inexperienced business coach this whole other idea would have taken a much longer time to formulate.  Looking back, I’m not sure what I would make my beautifully printed cards say but I am definitely a little bummed that they say Creative Consultant. . .  You really shouldn’t put the cart before the horse, friends, because crossing out your title on a business card and scribbling one in just doesn’t look professional.

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