FWB – Unconventional Brainstorming

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)

Although I decided NOT to pursue the masters degree in entrepreneurship from USF I DID learn a few tricks from one of the courses I completed.

A little bit of creative brainstorming that seemed unconventional at first ended up getting a lot gears turning in my own and my classmates’ heads.

Pick a business that you think is good and use 5 words to describe it.  Once you have those 5 words, come up with the antonym of each to create a list of 5 bad things that the business is NOT.

Once you have those 5 “bad” words, you must create a new successful business idea that they would describe.

Another exercise my professor had us do was in groups and each group had to come up with the worst, most unprofitable business that we could think of.  I came up with shoes for fish – because, how could that be a good business?  Another group came up with reusable condoms (which causes that kind of knee-jerk reaction of “eww!”).  The groups then had to switch ideas and make their new “bad” business idea into a good one.  My group got the reusable condom and turns out, that’s really not a bad idea!  We came up with different options and ways to make it safe and profitable then presented that to the class.  The group that got my idea, shoes for fish, interpreted it in a way where they created pills/water additives that you could use to change the tail and fins of a fish in a tank to different colors.  How cool is that??

So you see, when you think in unconventional ways it can help you see the options that aren’t obvious at first glance.

Take a stab at this practice yourself!

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