FWB – AEROLOGIE, Vintage Style and Design

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)

Well hello again!  After a couple weeks with a total lack of inspiration I’m back behind the keyboard!  I’ve been busy with lots of important things but I’ve also been busy tying myself up with lots of little unimportant/nonproductive things.  Alas, I am human and sometimes I can’t even take my own advice.

However. . .  It’s time I got this thing kicked into high gear.  I have Entrepreneurial Domination on my master checklist and that baby ain’t gonna check itself off!  I’ve been busy moving in with my boyfriend of 3 months – wait, what??  Three months and you’re moving in??  Yup, yup I am.  And did.  Sometimes you just know and I’ve got a good feeling about this one.  He’s a super great dude who supports me 110% and appreciates every aspect of me – even the sometimes sassy attitude part!  He’s also been a huge motivation to put my money where my mouth is and get my nose to the grindstone with all the things I want to accomplish.  (That was a lot of cliches, huh?)

One thing he’s been encouraging me to take on is restarting my neglected Etsy shop,AEROLOGIE.  (pronounced air-all-o-gee)  It’s been so far from my to do list that it’s not even on the back burner – it’s somewhere in the refrigerator.  If you clicked to check out my shop you can see the sad state it’s in.  A handful of items, no actual models for the clothing and I’m sure if you actually looked at the items (I can’t bring myself to do it right now on my lunch break when I can’t fix it) their descriptions are a little sparse.  I let my entrepreneurial baby decay into a skeleton of a shop.

But no more!  It’s time for action!  I’m having a garage sale to rid myself of all the junk I’ve accumulated and after that it’s game on for AEROLOGIE.  It’s amazing how clarifying moving can be – seeing all you have and missing what you don’t puts your life into perspective.  I want fewer random craft supplies (I do not need 10 pounds of decorative paper. . . NO!) and I want more items to put in my shop.

Thanks to the encouragement from my boo (that’s how I say significant other, it has nothing to do with ghosts) and a trip to a vintage flea market I’m revved back up!   I’ve got some great new vintage costume jewelry and I’ll be splitting the ‘band room’ with the boo to make a little studio to shoot the product photos in.  The hardest part is being patient until the garage sale is over (March 22nd!) and not losing my motivation.

Here’s to hoping April is THE month for AEROLOGIE!  I see a new launch in my future. . .  (and lots and lots of work to make it good!)

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