FWB – Book Review: “Show up, be bold, play big”

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)

Oy vey!  Between work, school, moving, Etsy domination and daily life I have been one busy little bee!  I’ve been finding it a little difficult to manage my priorities and give attention to the things that will help me succeed more than I give to the things that just take up time (Did I really need to watch all episodes of that show on Netflix in one weekend?  NO!).  It’s so easy to fall into that trap of doing what’s easy and feels good versus getting your hands dirty tackling the not-so-awesome tasks on your to-do list.

One thing I’m proud of having done this past month (where did February go, anyway??) is finishing the book “Show Up, Be Bold, Play Big” by Kim Hodous.  It was a silly little read with her 33 strategies for ‘outrageous success and lasting happiness’.  A lot of her strategies were common sense but she managed to put her own spin on most of them.  I saw Kim speak at the National Women’s Leadership Conference last year (part of my American Business Women’s Association adventures) and was energized by her spirit and passion for women in leadership roles.

A couple things that really struck a chord with me were her encouragements to stop thinking and start doing as well as putting focus on the activities that will net the biggest gain.  I fall victim to the eternally mental checklist/idea book.  Everything is in my head tucked away nice and neat which is no help if I actually want to DO something.  I can keep a mental checklist or calendar but what good is it if I can’t TRACK my successes (or failures, both have merit)?  Kim did a great job reminding me that putting pen to paper is the best way to start something.

With Cannibal Crafts, I spent a lot of time doing what I loved doing regardless of what the customers actually responded to.  I enjoyed making chewed gum magnets (one of my many quirky venture ideas) and loathed making mustaches on sticks (again, quirky endeavors are endless when it comes to me).  However, at craft fairs and on Etsy my mustaches on sticks did WAY better than the chewed gum magnets.  (Is it just me or does that sentence seem a little ridiculous?)  Granted, I wanted to do something that I enjoyed but if my end goal was to be self-sufficient with a crafting business I should have listened to the masses.  Kim also talks about your to-do list and what aspects make you money.  Does organizing help bring in money?  No.  But making more of your listings certainly does.  So put priority on those things that will get you the biggest return.  Don’t spend 8 hours organizing your inventory when you could have been working more productively for at least a portion of your day.

So that’s it.  My first business book review.  It was a quick easy read and provided some feel-good inspiration to be more focused and live/act with more purpose.  Was it revolutionary?  No.  Did it have a few good tips?  Yes.  Did it motivate me?  Yes.  I’d give it a good 3 out of 5 stars for its inspiration factor.  You can find her book here or learn more about her here.

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