FWB – My Humble Beginnings: Chapter One

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)

It all started in my childhood house – in the middle of the living room on any given weekend morning.  I would sort through my toys and carefully decide which ones I had outgrown or demolished past the point of recognition and I would set up shop.  At the age of 6 that ‘shop’ was the ironing board proudly centered in the living room where I would peddle these reject toys to the very same people who BOUGHT them for me.

Ballsy, right?

The great thing is that my parents totally went along with it – my grandpa was my number one customer!  Business was booming!  I thought I was the smartest kid on earth – I was completely oblivious to the fact that selling used toys to the people who bought them for me was crooked as hell and a little rude actually.  I would make $1 on a slow day and maybe $2.50 on a really good day.

I have no idea what my family did with those discarded treasures but I like to think that I at least made them smile with my industriousness and savvy for business – a tiny little business lady with a couple missing teeth and a Rainbow Brite nightgown.


So where did YOU start?  What was your first experience with entrepreneurship?

FWB – Only Eleven??

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)

In my quest for ALL THE KNOWLEDGE about starting your own business I came across this little gem:


I like it!  It’s honest, sincere, helpful AND she says ‘ladyballs’.  Win!  It’s great to hear from someone who’s gone through the euphoria phase and moved on to the more grounded and realistic phase of building (and maintaining) a business.  Right now I’m at the sparkle stage.  “I can do anything!  Business will be booming!  I know EXACTLY what I’m doing!”

It was great to read this and see what’s truly in store – not just my day dreaming fantasies.  I’m not excited to run out of money one day (see number 4) – but it’s good that I’m better prepared now for what seems to be the inevitable later.

I will take whatever I get and add it to my ‘Entrepreneurial Domination Notebook De La Muerte’.  Yup, I started some serious notebook action.  Sure I can ‘favorite’ or ‘book mark’ all the great reads I come across but I like to see and TOUCH things (naughty!) so I’m saving them up and possibly killing a tree in the process. . .  Sorry environment!

Thanks for joining me on today’s journey.  I’ll see you tomorrow with some other great wisdom to share.

FWB – Step One. . . START

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)


My name’s Jessie (with an IE) and I want to start my own business.  I’ve researched the crap out of starting my own business and have found it a little overwhelming.  I started with a goal – be a full-time Entrepreneur Coach by the time I’m 35.  This seems like a fairly achievable goal – I have time, I believe I’m capable of doing it and it’s something that I can put my passion behind.

So here I am – on wordpress – STARTING something.  I want to track my journey from clueless to successful and share that with anyone else out there trying to make it on their own.  Join me as I leap, fail, give up, return and eventually SUCCEED.  I know it won’t be easy and my knack for starting then promptly giving up on things is counting against me but DAMMIT this will be the one thing that I complete and continue on as a career.

I’ll be sharing my stories, connecting you with the resources that I’ve found helpful and taking this entrepreneurship thing one day at a time.

Thanks for reading!