FWB – Women in Business

(This post is from another Jessie blog, Fourth Wave Business, and is republished here for your enjoyment!)

This is a great place for resources – from business plans to accounting Excel sheets – super great!

I’m currently the Vice President of my local chapter of the American Business Women’s Association for the 2014 year.  It’s a lot of leadership skill practicing – in a safe and encouraging environment (I SO appreciate that!).  Through ABWA I’ve found a really great group of ladies to practice my business skills with – they taught from the ground up how to be successful and be taken seriously as an adult.  (I totally struggle with the whole adult thing. . . it’s so weird, I don’t feel like one so it’s more like I’m playing an adult rather than being one.)

If you happen to be of the female persuasion I highly recommend checking out your local chapter of really any women’s business group – there’s quite a few to choose from.  Even if you’re of the male persuasion most women’s groups accept men and it’s a really great opportunity to learn about other views and different skills.

That’s all I got today.  It’s short and sweet and hopefully HELPFUL!

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